Dickey's Now OPEN in Hardin Valley

Dickey's Now OPEN in Hardin Valley

During a lengthy discussion with a friend about the best BBQ in Knoxville, I was told that I had to eat at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. I was excited to see that a brand new Dickey’s was among the restaurants filling in one of the recently built Hardin Valley Road shopping complexes. 

I arrived on Aug 2nd, opening day, around lunch time. The secret was clearly out because the store had a lot of traffic though the flow was efficient and the seating was adequate. Always a bargain shopper, I went with the daily meal deal of pulled pork +1 meat, two sides, and a roll. Choices included beef brisket, chicken breast, Polish kielbasa sausage, jalapeño cheddar kielbasa, turkey, and pork ribs. I went with pulled pork topped with sweet BBQ sauce and Polish kielbasa sausages (pre-cut because who has time for that?). I packed the rest of my plate with mac & cheese and green beans. If I may share about the green beans for a moment because they were not what I expected but a rather phenomenal take on a staple menu item. The green beans tasted like they had been smoked themselves and had a spicy side to them to give just a little bit of warmth. They will be on my next plate for sure! 

I was able to steal Don Hall (co-owner along with wife Barbara Hall) away for just a moment to give us the highlights of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, especially for those of us who will be eager first timers. All meat is smoked on site and can be enjoyed from 11a.m. – 9 p.m. every day of the week. Don focused on the high quality of meat and ingredients for all of their menu items. There is also a soft serve vanilla ice cream machine; a free perk for every customer! Let me just say that the savvy Dickey’s patron will first take their drink cup to the soft serve machine and then head back to the soda fountain to make a Rootbeer or Coke float 🙂 What’s Don’s plate look like? He goes with chopped brisket, green beans and BBQ beans.

I loved Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and you will too! 

Catering available – (865) 454-8338 or explore on their website https://www.dickeys.com/.

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