Berrylicious Bouquets

Berrylicious Bouquets

If you are looking to have the dessert that everyone raves about during this holiday season of potlucks and gatherings but just don’t have the time or the skill to do it yourself, Berrylicious Bouquets has you, me and everyone else covered. A transplant from upstate New York where she had phenomenal success with the first rendition of Berrylicious Bouquets, Shannon Allitt opened her Hardin Valley kitchen up a little over a year ago.

Having experienced a birthday just a few short weeks ago, my wife won the day Shannon’s best selling caramel apple trio: apple pie apple, chocolate lovers apple and what turned out to be my favorite, the toffee covered chocolate caramel apple. For the record, I reluctantly shared two of the three apples. 

What may have made me love my wife even more than the apples themselves was that she only paid $5 per apple! For those with a Hardin Valley Middle School student, these are the same apples that will be given to the teachers as a THANK YOU on 19 Nov. (click here to see the flyer for more information).

The Berrylicious Bouquet name stems from the treat that started it all, the chocolate strawberry bouquet. Shannon takes delicious, fresh strawberries and hand-dips them in premium dark, milk, or white chocolate and accents them with sugar dust, sprinkles or chocolate drizzle. Sizes range from the 12 berry Sweet Dozen Bouquet to the the Big Bash Bouquet with approximately 70 strawberries. These also make great centerpieces or hostess gifts; each bouquet arrives in a flower pot and the colors of dessert can be coordinated to go with your event.

Looking for something particularly unique? How about the pina colada bark made from dark chocolate, dried pineapple and coconut or candied, thick cut bacon covered with dark chocolate and finished with a white chocolate drizzle; both are sold by the pound. The treat that caught my eye was the chocolate covered twizzler. It may be a simple combination but the flavor and texture was anything but…this should be on your must try list.  

Two seasonal items currently on the menu are the peppermint bark (dark chocolate base followed by a layer of white chocolate and peppermint and topped with candy cane crumbles) and white chocolate dipped peppermint oreos with crushed candy cane. While not seasonal, the Five Buck Box is a hot seller. For $5, you can give a pretty sweet thank you with two pretzels, one graham cracker, one oreo and one twizzler, all dipped in delicious premium chocolates. You can load up on Five Buck Boxes now and give them out throughout the holidays because the chocolate encapsulates the snack and keeps it from going stale for up to six weeks. What client, coworker or friend wouldn’t appreciate one of these?

What is Shannon’s favorite indulgence? A plain, dark chocolate pretzel because she loves the salty sweet pairing.

If this article has your mouth watering and your tummy rumbling, then do yourself a favor and visit for the full menu and like/follow Berrylicious Bouquets on Facebook. While their kitchen is in Hardin Valley, Berrylicious Bouquets does not operate out of a storefront. They conveniently bring chocolate happiness to you for a flat delivery fee of $9.99. Order today!


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