Knoxville Bicycle Company

Knoxville Bicycle Company

Spring is just around the corner and that means that bike season will be in full swing. Known for their customer service, Knoxville Bicycle Company should be your first stop if you are looking for a kid’s bike, a casual cruiser, road bikes, gravel bikes or mountain bikes. They are well stocked with accessories, give free advice and are outfitted to do any and all bicycle repairs.

First opened in 2012, current owner Myron Price purchased Knoxville Bicycle Company two and a half years ago. He has had a passion for bikes and their mechanics since he was 9 years old. What began with the youthful break it down and put it back together exploration turned into a repair side business, followed by a career move into a full time service manager position. While working for a bicycle store just north of Orlando, Myron caught wind of the opportunity in Knoxville and the timing was right for his family. He likes to joke that it was easier to get permission from the bank that it was from his wife, Melanie, who works nearby in Hardin Valley at Pellissippi State.


When asked what it takes to get into biking, Myron advises riders to not overspend or underspend. It is important to let activity level determine the appropriate amount of bike and accessories. For someone who just wants to ride around the neighborhood with their children, he recommends a $300-$500 cruiser or fitness bike. For someone looking to cover 25-30 miles on a single ride, Myron said a buyer should budget $700-$1,000 for a higher mileage entry level bike in addition to necessities like water bottle holders, helmets, gloves and padded shorts. Knoxville Bicycle Company also carries high end bikes for serious hobbyists and competition riders.  

Bicycles come in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. The general guidelines are to leave a slight bend in the knee when it is extended on the down stroke. The rider’s arms should also be relaxed at the elbow when holding onto the handlebars. Making sure that the right size bike has been chosen is very important.


As with many things in our world today, technology has a found a way to improve riding outside of weight reduction and aerodynamics. Myron has seen the addition of electronic gear shifters and computer based shock absorbers that automatically adjust to the terrain in order to give the biker an improved ride. Just like your phone, bike tech requires periodic updates to stay current with the latest innovations.

Fun Fact

Have you ever wondered why some bikes have a dropped middle bar? Initially the dropped bar was invented because women wore dresses. This enabled them to get onto the bike without having to lift their leg so high. Over the years this has become more of a unisex bicycle. The dropped middle bar is great for people who have hip or knee issues which might otherwise cause them to not be able to lift their leg over a high bar.

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Local Hidden Gems

If you’re looking for a great place to ride, Price recommends Loyston Point that is in Norris. He says that the views are incredible, it’s not too technical and anyone can ride it. The total ride is about 14 miles and with great climbing and descending along the way. Haw Ridge is also a great location for riding and has one of the premier bike trails. If you’re looking for something that is more of a road route, take a ride around Melton Hill Dam. This particular ride is smooth, beautiful and provides some climbing challenges.

A Cut Above the Rest

Knoxville Bicycle Company prides itself with excellent customer service and first hand knowledge about bicycles. Myron and his staff aren’t just book smart when it comes to bicycles and the industry that surrounds it, they put the bikes to the test and can give honest feedback based on their personal experiences. This shop also carries industry leading brands such as Orbea and exclusive items like mountain bike fenders by Syncros, which you won’t find anywhere else in the Knoxville area. Myron runs a family friendly shop where everyone is welcome, even the kids! The employees are friendly, knowledgeable and can tailor a bike based on your specific wants and needs.

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