Mrs. Angie's Music

Mrs. Angie's Music

Want to give your loved one a gift that will bless them for the rest of their life but you don’t have the time or skill? Hardin Valley’s own, Angie Hahn of Mrs. Angie’s Music, is ready to come along side with the patience and experience of a career teacher to help any student, young or old, find the music within them.


Angie was eased into the world of music with her parent’s eight tracks (The Carpenters and Kenny Rogers, of course!). Moving from listening to making music, she started her training in piano at seven years old and from there her love of classical music began to grow. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, Angie participated in band, choir and also private piano lessons. A product of Anderson University in Indiana (GO RAVENS!), Angie earned her music education degree with emphasises in instrumental (clarinet) and vocal. Despite the heavy academic course load and recital performances, she still found herself in front of the piano during her down time. Beyond her own talent in the sound arts, Mrs. Angie has added 25 years of experience as a classroom teacher to her resume.

If you are looking for your child to participate in piano lessons, Mrs. Angie’s music classes are a great option for those who live in and around Hardin Valley. She recommends lessons once a week so that students have time in between sessions to practice. If you don’t have your own piano for lessons, that should not hold you back! Mrs. Angie says that keyboards have come a long way these days; many of them have weighted keys so they have the same feel as a piano. Keyboards can provide families a less expensive alternative to a large piano.


‘Too old’ to learn? Nonsense! It’s never too late to learn to play music and it actually has some great benefits. Learning an instrument activates the left and right sides of the brain. When you’re looking at sheet music and moving your fingers at the same time (whether it’s pushing down valves on a trumpet or keys on a saxophone, clarinet and piano) it’s stimulating the whole mind. Your eyes are communicating with your brain and your brain is communicating with your hands. Studies have even shown that this improves math and science skills.

What’s the scoop on classes?

Angie charges $30 per week for music classes. Private lessons are offered in piano, clarinet, saxophone and beginning voice classes. Sessions include a 30 minute lesson where the student goes over book work, spends time on the piano (or musical instrument of choice), and then works on flash cards for reading music. Each of the lessons is conducted with Mrs. Angie at the student’s side and every class builds on previous lessons to help the student excel in music.


Wondering if Mrs. Angie’s music classes are a good fit for you, your child or someone you know? She’s offering a FREE introductory class to get to know her and check out what she has to offer. This is a risk free way to make sure you and/or your child is going to love this musical experience!

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