Hwy 55 - Hardin Valley

Hwy 55 - Hardin Valley

Highway 55 is a retro-themed diner that prides itself on fresh, never frozen, hand made burgers, house made frozen custard and tons of other classic favorites. From hamburger steaks to salads, cheese steak to shrimp plates… you can literally eat there every day of the week and try something different each day. Started in Goldsboro, NC, founder Kenny Moore committed himself to a restaurant that had authentic hospitality and fresh food. Hwy 55 won Best Burger in 2012 (BurgerBusiness.com) and was recently recognized as a top 500 franchise in the United State by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

Upon walking through the doors at Hwy 55 you will feel welcomed and at home. The fun, upbeat and friendly atmosphere is inviting for all ages! Families can enjoy a great meal at a reasonable price thanks to the promotions that they run! 


You can’t pop in without sampling some of their freshly made custard! Each week there is a different flavor of the week and while ALL of them are over the top fantastic, franchise owner Bill Hamilton says that Banana Pudding is one of the all time top sellers! If you’re a chocolate lover, you might consider trying “Candy Bar Galore,” which includes Heath Bar, Butterfinger, Snickers and Reese Cups! 

What makes Highway 55’s custard stand above anything else on the market? CREAM!!!! While traditional ice cream contains about six percent butterfat, this custard contains double the amount! They use only top notch ingredients, which enables the recipe to come out extremely smooth, rich and creamy! Talk about a perfect treat on a hot summer day! YUM!

 If you and your friends are up for a challenge, you might like to give the “Five Five Challenge” a whirl. It’s a 55 oz. burger with at least 4 trimmings on a bun, plus fries and a 24 oz drink! If you eat it all within 30 minutes or less, it’s FREE! You’ll even get bragging right on their website. If not, you’re on the hook for payment!

Highway 55 truly cares about the community and they are already giving back to the Hardin Valley area by supporting school programs, creating a wonderful venue for families to gather, a great opportunity for locals to work and providing opportunities of a lifetime to their employees! 

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