Covered Bridge - Hardin Valley, 37932

Covered Bridge - Hardin Valley, 37932

Adam Wilson Realty’s review of 37932 homes for sale continues with Covered Bridge Hardin Valley. Covered Bridge subdivision is the premiere neighborhood in Hardin Valley for large, modern homes. Houses vary significantly due to the developer focusing on the sale of lots and allowing custom construction with architectural control committee oversight (Covered Bridge Covenants and Restrictions). All one level homes will at least be 2,100 sq ft and any home with a secondary floor will have a minimum of 2,750 sq ft. Each dwelling will also have a full size garage that measures no less than 20 feet by 24 feet. 

Once inside, buyers should anticipate excellent finish work and high end materials reflected by the $150/square foot and above price tags. With a median build year of 2013, this number only looks to stay young with 6 homes presently under construction and another approximately forty lots without homes. 

Phase 3 of Covered Bridge Hardin Valley was established to allow for a variance in lot and home size to establish a portion of the neighborhood on Misty Mountain Circle called The Villas. Many of The Villa lots are closer to ⅕ of an acre with a minimum of 1,800 square feet of living space and the added amenities of lawn care and trash collection. The remainder of the lots in Covered Bridge typically range from ¼ to ⅓ in size with the occasional ½+ acre lot in the mix.


                                            Adam Wilson, Adam Wilson Realty (10/15/2019)


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