Franklin Creek - Hardin Valley, 37932

Franklin Creek - Hardin Valley, 37932

Franklin Creek subdivision was developed by Saddlebrook Homes between 2004 and 2006. Located off of Yarnell Rd near the intersection of Lovell Rd and Pellissippi Parkway, the neighborhood has one of the most accessible West Knoxville addresses with a short trip to I-40, Turkey Creek and Oak Ridge yet only 6 minutes away from Hardin Valley Elementary, Hardin Valley Middle and Hardin Valley Academy. The common build is a two story, two car garage home with brick or vinyl front and vinyl siding. Expect to find hardwood floors on the main level of most homes and the master bedroom on the second floor. Kitchens predominantly have formica countertops and linoleum floors while bathroom vanities have cultured marble tops over linoleum floors. While a fair sized backyard can be found, many are on the smaller side or have a steep grade. A favorite feature of the subdivision is the neighborhood swimming pool and adjoining basketball court. In my opinion, Franklin Creek is one of the best value priced purchases to get into the all Hardin Valley schools pipeline. When looking at homes for sale, note that HVACs and water heaters will need to be replaced in the near future if they haven’t been already.


Adam Wilson, Adam Wilson Realty (06/16/2020)

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