Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical: One-Stop Shop for Eyecare Needs

Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical: One-Stop Shop for Eyecare Needs

Where can you find a one-stop-shop for your eyecare needs with fantastic customer service to make you feel like family, short wait times, and access to the most up-to-date eyecare technology? The answer is Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical!  We spoke with Dr. Travis Thompson to learn more about this service located right in the heart of Hardin Valley.

Office Opening, Location and Hours

Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical was opened in 2009 under Dr. Pithwa; Dr. Travis Thompson purchased the practice from him in August of 2014.  It is located at 10904 Spring Bluff Way, just off Hardin Valley Rd. 

Hours are Monday 9am-6pm, Tuesday 8am-5pm, Wednesday 9am-6pm, Thursday 10am-6pm, and Friday and Saturday 9am-3pm.  The optical shop is currently open via appointment only.

Dr. Travis Thompson, a Hardin Valley native focused on providing excellent service

Dr. Travis Thompson grew up right here in Hardin Valley and attended Karns High School, the University of Tennessee and Southern College of Optometry in Memphis. Growing up, he always wanted to be in the medical field and help others out.

He decided on Optometry because it provides a good balance between family and work. He finds it very enjoyable solving peoples’ vision problems.  He said, “There’s nothing better than seeing a child’s face light up when they receive their first pair of glasses and see the world like everyone else.”

It is awesome that he’s able to do that in the same community that he grew up in and help out all of his friends and family.

In addition to Dr. Thompson and customer-focused support staff, Dr. Thompson’s wife, Dr. Catherine Abbott, joined the practice in July 2020 and partners with her husband in running Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical.

Why Eye Health Matters

Routine eye exams are very important. These exams not only make sure you can see properly, but they can also detect eye diseases that do not present with any symptoms, such as glaucoma.

Optometrists are also able to tell a lot about your general health by evaluating the back of your eye, such as diabetes, hypertension and even autoimmune diseases.  Even if you feel like you are seeing fine, it is still important to have routine exams to make sure your eyes are healthy, and any diseases are detected early for the best outcomes of treatment.  Dr. Thompson pointed out that, “Most people have no idea the types of medical issues you can detect just by looking into the back of people’s eyes.” 

Services Provided

Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical is a one-stop-shop for all your eye care needs. They sell glasses and contact lenses. They also treat eye infection and identify and manage other eye diseases. They do not perform any surgeries but refer patients out to a place they trust.

Steps for making an appointment and what to expect once there

They are accepting new patients!  The best way to become a patient is to call the office at 865-888-0892 and make an appointment or go on their website, https://visionsource-knoxville.com/, and request an appointment online. They accept almost all vision plans.

During an eye exam, you can expect a review of your overall medical history, family history, and medications to determine any risk factors for certain eye diseases. Your vision will then be evaluated by reading an eye chart and then your prescription will be determined by cycling through lenses to try and sharpen your vision.

After your prescription is determined, they will then discuss options for correcting your vision, such as glasses or contact lenses. Next, they will look at your eyes under high magnification to make sure everything looks healthy. Your eyes are typically dilated, which involves putting a drop into your eyes to make your pupil wider, so they can see into the back of your eye.  They also have a camera that they can use to get a full view of the back of your eye without using the dilation drops.

Why Choose Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical?

Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical sets themselves apart from other offices by providing great customer service and the most up-to-date technology in their field. They do not have long wait times because they value patient’s time as much as their own.

In addition, they are actively involved in their community by donating to the Hardin Valley schools and provide a family-friendly atmosphere in their office. They try and treat everyone like family when they come to the office.

Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical is also a member of Vision Source, which is a big group of private optometry offices across the country that work together to help each other’s businesses grow. They share ideas on how to improve their offices from a business standpoint as well as a clinical standpoint to help ensure quality service for each patient.   

Business During COVID-19 and Health/Safety Precautions

They have implemented very strict COVID policies as of last year per CDC and local health department guidance. These policies include limiting how many patients are in the office to provide proper social distancing measures, requiring all patients to wear a face covering, and constantly cleaning and sanitizing anything patients come into contact with. In addition, their staff are all vaccinated as of a few weeks ago. They want people to feel very safe and comfortable coming into the office.

Shop, Save, and Learn More

We are excited to spotlight such a needed service located in Hardin Valley.  We encourage you to check them out online by heading to their website, https://visionsource-knoxville.com/, and Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/hardinvalleyeye

As far as saving money, they offer half off if you elect to get a second pair of lenses, which can be sunglasses or regular glasses. They also have many rebates on contact lenses from certain manufacturers.

Don’t delay taking care of your eyes.  Check out Hardin Valley Eyecare and Optical online, and make your appointment today!

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