Hardin Valley Nutrition: A Welcoming Environment with Tasty & Nutritious Drinks

Hardin Valley Nutrition: A Welcoming Environment with Tasty & Nutritious Drinks

Are you craving a healthy, yet delicious drink from a place that not only provides tasty and nutritious drinks, but also provides a truly welcoming environment?  Look no further than Hardin Valley Nutrition!

We had the opportunity to interview Lauren Hensley, co-owner of this fun and unique store in Hardin Valley.

Store Opening, Location, and Hours

Hardin Valley Nutrition opened on October 21, 2020.  The store is individually owned and operated by brother and sister, Lauren and Landon Hensley.  They also own Karns Nutrition off Oak Ridge Highway.  The store is located at 10612 Hardin Valley Rd Suite 106, Knoxville, TN 37932 and the hours of operation are the following:

Monday through Friday, 7am – 6pm

Saturday 9am – 2pm

Closed on Sundays

Story Behind Hardin Valley Nutrition

Brother and sister team, Lauren and Landon Hensley grew up in an entrepreneurial family.  Both their grandfathers, aunts, and uncles, even their parents have operated and owned their own businesses.  Whether it was a grocery store, a car lot, a hair salon, an insurance agency, or a sandwich franchise, there’s a lot of experience they’ve been able to look to.

As siblings, Lauren and Landon were always very close growing up and remain best friends due to their shared interests.  Not only did they support each other at basketball and soccer tournaments, but they also found a common love for people.

They knew that no matter what they did, they wanted to give back and bless people in some way.

They were first introduced to the nutrition business through Bearden Nutrition, the first nutrition store of its kind in Knoxville, TN, and got connected with the opportunity to own and operate their own nutrition store.

The Hardin Valley area sparked their interest because, at the time, there was nothing like it in an area that they knew would continue to grow and expand.  Not only did they want to provide a nutrition store in the Hardin Valley area, but they were also eager to create an environment where people could study, meet with friends, or hang out on their lunch break.

They’ve been able to get to know so many in this wonderful community just by providing an area where people can sit and hang out and know that they are welcome.

They believe in the product and have loved helping people on their nutritional journey.  Lauren mentioned how it never gets old hearing story after story of people losing weight, making better nutritional choices, or even finding a healthy sense of energy to get through their day.

Store Offerings

Hardin Valley Nutrition offers…

  • Loaded teas – have 200mg of caffeine, zero sugar, daily vitamins such as Vitamin C, B6, and B12.
  • Meal replacement shakes – have 24g of plant-based protein and are low carb, low sugar, and range between 200-250 calories.
  • Specialty drinks – include a tasty combination of the tea and the shake, which include 17g of whey protein and collagen and biotin, plus 100mg of caffeine for a little pick-me-up and healthy snack option in one drink.
  • They also have High protein iced coffee, Boost (caffeine free) drinks, and even kids drinks!

There are several regular customers who have been coming for a year now due to the ability to customize certain flavors to their liking.  Whether that’s adding an extra scoop of PB2 to a shake or adding watermelon on top of a specialty drink, they’re happy to get it exactly how each customer likes their drink.

Their most popular loaded teas are Miami vice (strawberry and pina colada) and Captain America (strawberry and blue sweetart on top).

Their most popular shakes are the Peanut Butter Cup and Cookie Dough along with the Banana Pudding and Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake.

They even have seasonal items that they roll out fairly often. Beginning last Fall, pumpkin flavored shakes and fall-inspired teas were added to the menu.  They also still have their Christmas 2021 flavors, such as the Grinch loaded tea, the White Chocolate Peppermint shake, and their Frosted Berry specialty drink!  Those drinks were the most popular in their category in 2020.

A Welcoming Environment at Hardin Valley Nutrition

The owners and staff at Hardin Valley Nutrition love for customers to sit and hang out.  The last thing they want their customers to feel is rushed.

While they do offer a healthy and fast option, they welcome people inside the store to chat unless they are on a time crunch.

Their heart is to provide an inviting atmosphere, a great nutritional drink, and amazing customer service.  They keep worship music playing in the store at all times and hope it is a very contagious atmosphere that the community wants to be a part of.

Beyond the drinks…They sell Merchandise!

They are constantly getting new merchandise to offer, such as t-shirts and koozies.  Their gift cards have also been a huge hit and will be very popular headed in the holiday season.  They may even have some protein bars coming soon!

What sets Hardin Valley Nutrition apart?

The owners and team truly desire for each and every guest to know they have a place at Hardin Valley Nutrition.  There’s a language we tend to use when speaking on guest experience…and their language is trying to never use the word “customer”.  Their goal is to shift the way their guests feel…to feel genuinely valued…knowing they are valued as a guest that goes beyond any money spent at the store.

They have many students and guests come sit and use their Wi-Fi or just to find a quiet space to work, and they love that even if they are not purchasing a drink!

Above and Beyond in Guest Service and Care

While Lauren, Landon, and the Hardin Valley Nutrition team push customer service and a high-quality product, they are there to help any of their guests in their journey.

Whether that journey is to lose weight, gain healthy weight, or start a nutritional or fitness plan, they would love to help!

Lauren’s direct number is 865-804-6347, and she would love to walk through the journey with anyone willing.

Plan a Visit and Learn More

We are excited to spotlight such a fun and unique store located in Hardin Valley.  We encourage you to check them out! 

To learn more, visit their website (https://www.hardinvalleynutrition.com/) and connect with them on social media (Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hardinvalleynutrition and Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hardinvalleynutrition/)!

The website and social media pages are the best places to find out more information and stay up-to-date on announcements and exciting flavors coming out!

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